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01700d22-a336-11e3-_532451cNow is the best time to get an Electronic Cigarette and take advantage of some great Fall Savings. If you have a loved one who is a smoker or just a good friend we have the perfect gift for them remember Christmas is just around the corner and E-Cigarettes are the gift that keeps on giving. If you are not familiar with them let me explain. An electronic cigarette or “e-cigarette” is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized liquid nicotine solution. It is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.

When a user inhales through the device, air flow is detected by a sensor, which activates a heating element that vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the mouth piece. It is this vapor that is inhaled by the user. An LED on the opposite end of the device is also activated during inhalation, which serves as an indicator of use, and also to simulate the glow of actual burning tobacco.

Flavored E Cigarette Cartridges – You Can Stop Nicotine Craving and Quit Smoking Now!

e-cigStop nicotine craving and quit smoking… because there is a million reasons why. Many of the smokers today have tried time and time again to quit smoking and stop nicotine craving however, not all of them succeed. Some, stop for a while and gain back the habit as soon as they are stressed or as soon as the fancy strike them. For some, it is not easy to quit smoking. It has been a habit that they have had for a while and they are comfortable with it. For some, they want to quit smoking but it is tough to stop the nicotine craving. They seem to think that their body needs the nicotine so they smoke and smoke more even if they do not want to anymore.

Most of the smokers nowadays are aware of the effects that smoking has on their body. Smokers know that if they do not quit smoking they will be less healthy, less fit, and less likely to succeed in life. Smoking makes breathing harder, causes wheezing, coughing and headaches. It also damages the sense of taste and smell. Causes premature wrinkling of the skin, bad breath, and it stains the teeth and fingernails.

Smokers who do not quit smoking look older than their actual age as an effect of this evil habit. Those who have not quit smoking have not realized that it is not lung cancer or lung disease that kills most smokers, but heart disease. A significant number of smokers is increasing every year. Awareness and prevention is always the key to a healthy living. For one, quit smoking and stop nicotine craving to reduce the risks of having a lungs disorders.

Nicotine works by sticking to a subset of receptors that bind the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which when released leads to a burst of receptor activity. Nicotine does the same to the body. However, unlike acetylcholine, nicotine is not regulated by the body. Also while neurons typically release small amounts of acetylcholine in a regulated manner, nicotine activates ‘cholinergic’ neurons in many different regions throughout the brain simultaneously. Calling the brain to action and giving smokers the same rush as endorphins do to the body when you exercise. This is how people who have not quit smoking, are able to improve their reaction time and ability to pay attention which makes these people feel like they can work better. Since they feel that way, those who smoke will never have the urge to stop nicotine cravings.

If you do not quit smoking, you could be affected by one of the following diseases and problems that affect the body. Those who could not stop nicotine craving could lose or have less sense of smell and taste. Why is it so hard to stop nicotine craving? To quit smoking, you have to stop nicotine craving. However you have to understand how nicotine works in order to stop it. Nicotine in tobacco is addictive. Each cigarette that you smoke contains about 10 milligrams of nicotine. Because the smoker inhales only some of the smoke from a cigarette, and not all of each puff is absorbed in the lungs, a smoker only absorbs about 1 to 2 milligrams of the drug from each cigarette. Although that may not seem like much, it is enough to make someone addicted.


Best E Cigarette On The Market – Changing My Emotion Led Habits

As a normal person (at least I think so), and like most other smokers, smoking had become a part of my emotional crutch. We all use emotional crutches to help us deal with those all too frequent times when life has an impact on us at a personal emotional level. Moments of emotional stress, caused by our daily events, the people around us and various other situations, are often the reason why most of us go reaching for the cigarettes – our emotional crutch! I want to share with you three of the common situations where my emotion led habits were stopping me from quitting smoking… Best E Cigarette On The Market

1. My Chaotic Domestic Life

Like most people I like to think of the home as a place of happiness and peace; but there are times for me, and for many others, when it becomes a place of stress and down right misery (thankfully not all of the time!) I know from my own experience that these times lead one to the point of needing some form of ‘emotional comfort’ and for me personally the three commonest ‘comforters’ are food, alcohol, and smoking cigarettes (but not necessarily in that order).

However, the one I turn to most often are of course the cigarettes. Whenever I experience domestic disharmony it seemed to be an emotional trigger that automatically made me grab at one of my emotional comforters and it was usually the tobacco! This emotion led habit made it really hard for me to stop smoking so my solution was to work harder at maintaining domestic harmony (OK, so there were times when I had to say sorry even when it wasn’t my fault but that’s another story!) However, not only did this help me break the link between my emotional responses and my smoking habit but it also dramatically improved my family life! Best E Cigarette On The Market

2. Work and Stress

For me, and I am sure for you, an undeniable fact of life seems to be that the majority of us work in situations that are not the most sympathetic to our emotional needs or stability. A common problem for most of us when at work is work related stress. It is clear to me also that work related stress can be more of a problem due to our negative interaction with co-workers. For example, I used to have a domineering and autocratic boss (nothing worse than a bully with the power) whose interpersonal skills left much to be desired. The work related stress was bad enough but this boss just compounded everyone’s problems. These work related issues were having a great negative emotional impact on me and my colleagues which then became an emotional trigger for smoking. During times of work related stress the number of cigarettes I would smoke during the official breaks would rocket. My negative emotions were feeding my habit! That was it; I knew that I needed to find a release for my moments of high stress if I was to succeed with stopping smoking. e-cigarette1

3. My (and your) self-esteem

Everyone I know, including me, have issues with themselves. When we look in a mirror are we happy with what we see? The pressure of living in our sophisticated world, where so much emphasis is placed on the way we look and how we dress for example, can badly affect our self-esteem and cause us to need cigarettes as a means of dealing with things. The pressure to be the same as some model of perfection, which we know doesn’t actually exist except in the digitally enhanced world of publicity for beauty products, puts a tremendous strain on many people, more so women. The pressure to conform to some dream image, or to a lesser extent even a dress code at work, can lead to issues of low self-esteem and poor personal confidence. These two emotional states, which usually go hand in hand in the same person, can create a strong emotional impetus to smoke (or eat, or drink). Most people find a comfort in smoking, I know I did when I felt low, despite the proven risks to health but the problem is that smoking a cigarette really doesn’t resolve the main cause of our emotional habits.